Innovation at Heart

customer centric R&D

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Pioneering Spirit

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do so naturally research and development is a key focus at Tecman.

Our ongoing investment in R&D produces ground-breaking results in the key fields we operate in, with a number of patents for next generation technologies pending.

  • Adhesive technology
  • Application compatibility
  • Surface protection
  • Acoustic management
  • Thermal management

Our Leading Technologies

Advanced Materials

In development

Advancing Technologies

  • Surface Protection

    Surface Protection Film

    Developing an innovative surface protection film using no adheisve or static. 

  • Acoustic Thermal Management Drk

    Acoustic Insulation

    Advancing our ALFA® acoustic insulation materials to include impregnated fibres and micro coatings

  • Bonding Material

    Adhesive Tape

    Adhesive technologies in development include extending the DAAT® Technology range, low/no VOC tape and extreme temperature high-performance tapes.