Automotive Acoustic Insulation Pads

New NVH Product ‘Neptune’ Added to Tecman’s Range of Automotive Acoustic Insulation

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) is a very significant consideration in the automotive industry, and one of the biggest challenges faced by engineers.  As customers’ expectations increase, a comfortable driving experience is a high priority for automotive manufacturers. Common issues traditionally included foreign noise from powertrain, road and wind noise.  With the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles which have no/little engine noise masking, sub-systems such as electric motors, HVAC, braking and other static sounds suddenly become significant. 

Controlling vehicle sound and vibration quality is therefore a complex challenge but also offers opportunities for some innovative thinking.  Tecman’s NVH solutions provide engineers with the tools to be creative in design. Our NVH solutions use high-performance automotive acoustic insulation materials which are designed to provide superior levels of NVH reduction at multiple frequencies.

Tecman’s acoustic insulation pads are supplied with a range of features, including open, closed or sealed edges, clip insertion for easy BIW assembly and various adhesive back options include stripe coat, zone coat and full SAB.  Advanced manufacturing processes enable high efficiency, significantly reducing processing costs.  Parts are presented in various formats to reduce customer application time and improve assembly quality.

Our NVH products include thermoformable non-wovens, PU foams, multi-layer fine fibre, natural fibre, and we have recently added lightweight Neptune to further extend our NVH product portfolio.

Neptune Automotive Acoustic Insulation Solutions from Tecman

Neptune is a high-quality, ultra-fine fibre, providing some of the best acoustic absorption for the automotive sector. Higher performance with a lighter weight is made possible as the material is flexurally laid.

Its gross weight starts from just 150g/m2at a thickness of 12mm, due to the material being made from hollow, grooved ultra-microfibre polyester and polypropylene. This material is also stable at a temperature up to 120°C.

Neptune can be used to produce parts that are able to conform to complex geometry components, reducing the number of parts needed in automotive production. The acoustic insulation can be supplied adhesive backed in various formats, including strip coated and zone coated or it can be ultrasonic welded to a range of different materials, removing the requirement of adhesive.

Tecman’s acoustic insulation solutions made from Neptune not only provide excellent acoustic absorption, they also give significant cost savings over similar products on the market.

Our bespoke solutions address the problem of NVH in automotive vehicles. We work with our clients directly from the start of any project to ensure we gain a full understanding of their manufacturing processes and what is required by our solution. Our team has over 25 years of industry, application, and product knowledge, allowing us to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

New Investment to Increase Capabilities

As part of a 5-year expansion plan, we have recently invested in new machinery which builds on our already extensive capabilities and enables increased production capacity. Our most recent investment enables Tecman to facilitate a broader range of automotive acoustic solutions, including larger components and more efficient production runs.

The new machinery stamps out parts up to 520 mm x 1500 mm (previous capacity was 320 mm x 1000 mm).

If you would like any more information about our automotive acoustic insulation solutions, please contact us

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