Specified by the NHS Worn by Healthcare Workers

Our Mission to make UK Manufacturers the First Choice for the NHS

Specified by the NHS and Worn by Healthcare Workers

There’s no better way to protect the UK’s healthcare workers than using British-made PPE – and our team at Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products are on a mission to make UK-manufactured protective face shields the number one choice for our NHS.

Tecman’s original lightweight, disposable face shield was designed and developed in the early days of lockdown, to address a critical shortage in personal protective equipment.

Frontline workers protected by Tecman's Face Shield in their fight against COVID-19

As well as being a UK-manufactured product made exclusively from British materials, Tecman’s protective shield led to the creation of 90 new jobs in the West Midlands at an uncertain time for the UK economy.

Quantity AND quality

Encouraged by early success, Tecman made a significant investment in a sophisticated automation system, which saw our manufacturing capacity soar to over 1 million face shields each week.

Since the investment, Tecman has been awarded EN 166 certification for our protective face shield.

The product was the first of its kind to receive the sought-after EN166:2001 category III complex design PPE level, and the award underlines its suitability for health and safety workers around the UK.

In recognition of the product’s quality and comfort, Tecman’s protective face shield is specified by the NHS in its product framework and catalogue, and has already been used by frontline healthcare workers throughout the country.

Frontline workers fighting against COVID-19

With Tecman’s visor being the best available product at the best available price, competing with imported products from low cost overseas regions, Tecman are keen to emphasise the importance of supporting British manufacturing and recently invited local MP, Matt Western, to pay a visit.

During his visit on Friday 17th July Matt enjoyed an insight into Tecman’s manufacturing ability, and company representatives had the opportunity to share their views on the importance of making UK manufacturing the first choice for the government, and prioritising UK-made products over imported goods.

Tecman’s technical director, Kevin Porter, said: “We’re grateful to have an MP who took the time to listen to – and agree with – our views on the need to support the UK manufacturing industry. Matt’s plans to address these issues in parliament gives us a voice in this important issue.”

Global success for Tecman

Five months after the first foray into the manufacture of PPE, our West Midlands-based company now exports protective face shields to seven countries, and is working with global organisations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure production remains at peak levels.

Spurred on by success, Tecman has plans to become a global leader in the development of vital face and eye protection for health and safety workers, establishing focus groups to incorporate wearer feedback into our design and manufacturing process.

For more information about Tecman’s high quality, British-made face and eye protection products visit tecmanuk.com or email sales@tecmanuk.com

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