Low VOC Adhesives

for Automotive Engineering

Cost-compromises have long been a part of increasing eco-friendly initiatives to cut down vehicle emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of petrol and diesel cars. Yet there are many additional areas that must be addressed to meet modern-day ethical standards in auto-engineering.

Comparatively, little scrutiny has been paid to the potential toxicity of auto parts that make ubiquitous use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Low VOC adhesives have been developed to prevent health issues associated with exposure to known-toxic elements in conventional materials. However, the market for unsafe auto parts still exists, and it may have significant repercussions for the health of drivers and passengers.

Importance of Low VOC Adhesives and Materials

Low VOC adhesives and auto parts are becoming commonplace on European and American assembly lines, but countries with developing industries still use toxic materials like asphalt to construct key vehicle components. Asphalt, or bitumen, is no longer permitted for auto engineering in the West, but it is widely used to construct shock absorbers for vehicles in the Chinese car market.

The shocking implications of this material exemption are slowly entering the limelight. Asphalt shock absorbers have been linked to thousands of cases of illness, over a hundred instances of which have left victims in critical conditions. Insiders in China’s auto industry have also blamed toxic vehicle parts for six cases of leukaemia, two deaths, multiple miscarriages, and several instances of birth defects.

While EU and US vehicles already use low VOC polymeric resins and rubber for shock absorbers, the ramifications of this development could be significant for global auto engineering. Ethical and regulatory standards may tighten. Engineers may be expected to screen incoming materials with greater scrutiny. Conventional materials will likely be replaced with low VOC alternatives. However, this does not have to come at a significant expense.

Low VOC Adhesives from Tecman Advanced Material Engineers

Product Name
Colour Thickness
11-TRR05 – Ultra Low VOC Transfer Adhesive Hazy 0.10mm
11-TR12 - Ultra Low VOC Transfer Adhesive Clear 0.05mm
12-TS07 - Ultra Low VOC Tissue Tape Hazy 0.16mm

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers offers a proprietary range of low VOC adhesives designed for reliable and ethical bonding without significant cost increases. They are safe, low-emission products with a very high initial bond strength to an extensive range of substrate materials. Foams, rubbers, textiles, and LSE (low surface energy) materials can adhere at high temperatures with limited health or environmental risks due to adhesive off-gassing.

Our low VOC adhesives are based on eco-friendly, high-performance acrylics that offer secure bonding for multiple vehicle components. Using low VOC adhesives now will enable car manufacturers to shore up their operations from an ethical and environmental perspective. They limit health risks to manufacturing personnel and consumers while fulfilling an increasingly prominent requirement for discerning customers concerned with their own health and that of their environment.

If you would like to learn more about our low VOC adhesive tapes contact us.

[Source: Epoch Times]

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