Lightweight Bonding Solutions

for Automotive Interiors

Adhesive tape technology for bonding and sealing solutions provided by Tecman are used throughout the automotive interior for weight reduction, rapid assembly, improved efficiencies, and reduced overall costs. Tecman’s knowledge of bonding applications and automotive processes is critical for intelligent uses of PSA tapes and associated materials.

PSA Tapes for Bonding and Mounting Applications

Tecman’s range of low VOC PSA tapes are used as an alternative to various liquid adhesive solutions for bonding and mounting applications and automotive interior trim attachment. The benefits of using adhesive tape include a clean and simple application with a controlled bond line which maintains a consistent uniform thickness throughout the application.

Tecman’s advanced bonding and sealing solutions are developed by cross linking industry technology, including aerospace and transportation thus providing an entirely new range of material and process options for automotive design engineers.

Advanced Materials for Interior Applications

Buzz, squeak and rattle prevention (BSRP) products using various foam and nonwoven materials are part of the PSA tape-based solutions provided by Tecman. These include seals and gaskets, which are key components of vehicle design, cable management tape for wrapping, bundling, and anti-chafe applications and acoustic and thermal insulation materials used for improving passenger comfort.

Re-Closable Fastening Systems

Materials such as 3M Dual-lock can provide weight reduction for fast assembly. These self-adhesive re-closable fastenings systems provide a high-performance lightweight alternative to mechanical studs, clips, and screws. The high mechanical holding capacity provided by 3M Dual-lock rapidly and securely grips components in place whilst their vibration and sound absorption aspect further improves the overall vehicle design.

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Bonding and sealing is a critical area for many industries, and Tecman has extensive application and product knowledge in this area. We work alongside our client's engineering design team at the initial concept stage, ensuring that our clients get the support and guidance to guarantee the most effective solution.

If you would like more information or to discuss an appliaction with our Technical Team, please contact us.

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