Face and Eye Protection

Ultimate Balance Between Cost, Quality and Lead-time

Due to significant investment in the automation of our manufacturing facilities, our face and eye protection products provide the ultimate balance between cost, quality, and lead-time, enabling us to support our customers in a very competitive global marketplace.

Our fully certificated face and eye protection products are approved and used by NHS and healthcare services around the world. With cost per unit competing directly with the Far East, quality managed through established QMS, certified through approved EU notified bodies, and lead-times from 2 weeks, it’s easy to see why.

Additionally, every product is underpinned by our 4 Pillars of Comfort to ensure our customers are happy with the comfort and performance of our face and eye protection, as well as being sustainable and cost effective.

Tecman's 4 pillars of comfort: Feel, Performance, Sustainability, and Cost

Our Distribution Partners

We work closely with a network of distribution partners who are instrumental in ensuring the flow of face and eye protection products to the frontline.

“Tecman have been wonderful to work with and our partnership has been incredibly effective. We are proud to work with such an innovative British manufacturer,” Group Director for an NHS supply chain distributor.

The importance of our strategically selected partnerships was highlighted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw alarming shortages of PPE and where speed in route to market was critical and lifesaving. 

We are proudly partnered with a network of distributors based on our shared values and principles in supplying high performance, effective, and best value PPE to healthcare services across the globe.

Frontline workers fighting against COVID-19

About Tecman

Tecman Advanced Healthcare is a leading British manufacturer of face and eye protection. Founded in 2020, the company is part of the Tecman UK group, which has over 25 years’ experience of providing components and services to the healthcare, medical and life science sector.

Innovation is at the heart of Tecman’s approach. The company’s knowledge, skills and expertise in customer-centric product design have led to a new generation of face and eye protection that incorporates feedback from healthcare workers to address comfort and safety needs.


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