Automotive Protection Film

for Vehicle Manufacturing Processes

When it comes to consumer satisfaction, protection of automotive surfaces is a vital part of the overall aesthetic, finish, and quality of vehicles. This can be achieved by using protective tapes and films throughout the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle, to protect against all processes of manufacture, transportation, and storage. Using protection film products ensures the vehicle is delivered to the highest quality.

Die-Cut Protection Film for Maximising Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Varying types of die-cut automotive protection film solutions are available by Tecman, a UK-based converter and manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, specialising in automotive surface protection. Tecman’s adhesive tape and protection film solutions are designed to optimise all aspects of automotive processes of manufacture by focusing on how the film can most effectively be configured and formatted to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Surface Protection during Assembly and Transportation Processes

During assembly and transportation, protection of freshly painted metal surfaces, plastic components, exterior surfaces, and wheel rims are especially important.  The most effective protection can be achieved by using Tecman’s protection film from the point of manufacture through to delivery at the dealership.   

For exterior surfaces, such as freshly painted metal, which require protection from both environmental and manufacturing processes, Tecman’s 0230790 Protection film is the best solution.  Plastic components such as bumpers or B-pillars must also be protected. Tecman’s 0250540 is recommended for use from assembly of the component at the suppliers, through to delivery to the end customer.

Protection of alloy wheel rims is important to reduce the possibility of brake disc corrosion during periods of outdoor exposure. Tecman’s 1320700 is a transparent wheel rim protection film suitable for long-term outdoor exposure, and is available as die-cut shapes for faster and more efficient application.

Protection Film Solutions for Vehicle Interiors

Protection of the vehicles interior components are also critical, covering areas such as interior trims, door panels, door sills and floor coverings, with some areas such as gloss painted plastic being particularly sensitive. 

Typically, piano black and piano white paint systems are vulnerable to protection film as they are easily marked during removal. Having worked in close collaboration with JLR and Mankiewicz, Tecman have developed 0250540 interior protection film which has been approved for use by Jaguar Land Rover.  The film can be applied directly to painted surfaces immediately after paint application and remain in place during manufacturing processes, through to removal at the dealership, facilitating complete protection against surface damage.

Application Solutions for Protection Film

Whilst application of die-cut film parts to plastic mouldings by hand has previously been time-consuming and labour intensive, Tecman have developed specialised protection film application solutions to address these issues. The application solutions require no investment in machinery or prior training, enabling a placement tolerance of +/- 1mm, and speeding up the application process.

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