Adhesive Tape

for Low Temperature Bonding

Cold weather conditions during winter months can greatly impact the performance of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Under these conditions, it’s critical to use a low-temperature adhesive tape with a specifically formulated adhesive designed to be applied at low temperature.

How Cold Temperatures Impact Adhesive Tape

Generally, adhesive tapes use pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). The adhesion of PSA relies on the wet-ability of the adhesive, the greater the wet-ability, the more surface area the adhesive covers resulting in high initial bond strength.

Most adhesive tapes require a minimum application temperature of 15°C. Ideal application temperatures are between 20°C and 40°C. These temperatures make the PSA very flexible and enable maximum bond strength. Both adhesives and substrates require these conditions. During cold weather conditions the wet-ability is reduced as the adhesive loses flexibility and becomes hard and brittle which impacts the bond strength of the adhesive.

If the temperature of the surface you are bonding, or if the adhesive temperature is less than 15°C, we recommends using an adhesive tape exclusively designed to handle low temperature bonding.

All-Weather Adhesive Foam Tape for Low-Temperature Bonding Applications

Tecman’s all-weather adhesive foam tape uses a high-density foam carrier with an advanced technology low-temperature acrylic adhesive that functions well at sub-zero temperatures.

The all-weather acrylic adhesive is capable of performing even in temperatures as low as -12°C and can provide prolonged adhesion under harsh conditions. Depending on the application, if the conditions are below -12°C it’s advisable to consult a member of our Technical Support Team during the initial phase of the project in order to establish suitability.

All-weather adhesive foam tape is used in critical applications across many different manufacturing industries for that require consistent performance throughout the year in all environmental conditions.


Product Name
Colour Thickness
Outdoor use Peel Adhesion
14-FM07 Foam Tape
White  0.8mm Yes High – Foam Destruction


Industries and Applications Include:

  • Automotive components
  • External aircraft components
  • Oil rig signage
  • Deep sea exploration
  • General outdoor sign fabrication
  • All year round mounting and bonding of fascia's
  • Plastic trunking and capping
  • Glazing bars

For more information about using adhesive tapes during low temperatures or other extreme conditions please contact us.

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