Acoustic Insulation Materials

Foams and Nonwoven

Tecman has a range of high performance, lightweight foams and nonwoven materials that are used extensively for automotive insulation. This blog post will outline some of our acoustic insulation materials in more detail.

Nonwoven Materials

A nonwoven material is made from staple and long fibers that are bonded together. These materials are a popular choice specifically for the automotive sector to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

Tecman supply a range of high-performance nonwoven materials that are used specifically for acoustic insulation. These materials are used to help to develop quieter automotive vehicles, while also reducing the weight and the impact the vehicles have on the environment.

Our series of Alpha® acoustic insulation nonwoven materials created specifically for reducing automotive NVH is available with either open or sealed edges, clip insertion, and adhesive backed, zone coated adhesive, or stripe coated adhesive depending on the application requirement. They can be used throughout the interior of an automotive vehicle to reduce any noise from the engine, wheels, or exhaust, to provide a more comfortable driving experience.


Foams are an effective acoustic insulation material as they can absorb the echo of the sound to reduce the overall noise level. This is useful for products such as noise-cancelling headphones, that require external noise to be limited to the user and the noise created by the headphones to be contained.

Tecman are suppliers of PUPE foam, which is an acoustic insulation material that is inexpensive and ultra light-weight. PUPE foam is a polyether polyurethane/polyester polyurethane and it is used extensively for acoustic insulation applications. Available in closed cell or semi-open cell structures and in thicknesses ranging from 1 mm – 50 mm, this acoustic insulation material is often employed for anti-rattle and anti-squeak pads in automotive applications.

Acoustic Insulation Materials from Tecman

Acoustic insulation is a critical area for many industries, and Tecman has extensive application and product knowledge in this area. We are able to suggest the ideal solution for any acoustic insulation applications, ensuring a successful result.

Our engineers can get involved in a project from the initial concept stage, ensuring that our clients get the support and guidance to guarantee an effective solution.

If you would like any information about our range of foam and nonwoven acoustic insulation materials, please contact us

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