4 Applications

of Exterior Automotive Tape

The durability of external components is critical in automotive engineering as they are subject to significant ambient stresses during regular operating conditions. Weathering effects, alongside vibration and harshness, can degrade the adhesive properties of permanent mountings and cause them to peel away from the vehicle’s superstructure. This may functionally and aesthetically impact the vehicle. Automotive tapes are among the most common products used to adhere components to body panels and chassis superstructures.

This blog post will explore four of the key applications of automotive tapes on automotive exteriors.

Automotive Tape for Emblem Adhesion

Automotive brand recognition is driven by the emblem secured front and centre on their products. This is key from an engineering perspective, as research suggests that brand consideration is the first step of the average automotive customer journey. The emblem is attached as a symbol of quality and performance; so it is critical to ensure long-lasting adhesion throughout the vehicle’s service life.

Tecman’s very high-performance bonding (VHPB) tape is suitable for emblem adhesion with excellent cold shock performance to resist typical lifetime operating conditions.

Attaching Antennas with Automotive Tapes

The popularity of visible antennas has waned in recent years with consumer preferences moving towards sleeker vehicle profiles with discrete AM/FM receivers. Automotive tapes can be used to fit interior antennas to windscreens, but this is not functionally suitable for all vehicles.

VHPB automotive tape can be used to secure exterior antennas and enclosed antenna housings to car roofs without impacting the aerodynamics or aesthetic appeal of the car’s profile.

Securing Pillar Appliques with Automotive Tapes

Pillar appliques serve a dual-aesthetic and functional purpose. They are used to cover necessary voids in the vehicle surface with a weather-resistant shielding. A pillar applique is normally a polymer-based product that provides a cleaner finish for door frames and windows. Often these are mechanically attached with an interior retainer, but this can result in the generation of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

Tecman UK’s VHPB automotive tapes comprise a closed cell acrylic foam core for exceptional resistance to moisture penetration. It also functions as an insulating barrier between mating surfaces, reducing the likelihood of component rattling over time.

Automotive Tapes for Decorative Trims

Car trims are the important automotive stylings that complete a vehicular aesthetic with functional capacities. Spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers are typical decorative trims that are subject to consistent and significant NVH and weathering effects.

Exterior automotive tapes can be used close to the road surface to ensure components are securely attached to the superstructure with ongoing resistance to thermal fluctuation and water penetration. This provides comprehensive resistance to wind, rain, and road surface variations for long-service in practical applications.

Automotive Tapes from Tecman Advanced Material Engineers

Tecman supplies an extensive range of automotive solutions for interior and exterior applications. Our broad range of VHPB automotive tapes is used extensively by OEMs, with high design flexibility to meet the aesthetic requirements of automotive engineering.

If you would like any more information about our automotive tapes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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