3M™ VHB™ Tape GPH Series

Foamed Acrylic Tape

GPH Series of 3MVHB Tape

VHB’ is an acronym for Very High Bond which is exactly what is provided by 3MVHB tapes. Used extensively since the 1980s, VHBtapes from 3Mseal, bond, and attach a wide variety of materials; including plastics, metals, and glass.

The tapes are used in many bonding applications, both indoor and outdoor, and they are often selected as an alternative to liquid adhesives and mechanical fasteners.

Viscoelastic acrylic foam is used in the construction of 3MVHBtapes. The viscoelasticity provides the foam with the unique properties of stress dissipation and energy absorption. Exceptional durability and performance is provided by the advanced acrylic chemistry.

Depending on the user’s requirements, specific properties are provided by 3MVHBtapes, such as adhesion to differential materials, high tensile strength, conformability and high shear and peel adhesion. These properties come from a combination of different foams, colours, adhesives and release liners.

The new General Purpose High Temperature (GPH) 3MVHB tapes are now available from Tecman.

High Temperature Resistance

GPH VHB tapes, have been specially formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures of autoclave and powder coat ovens. This unique property enables the product to be applied before finishing, removing the need for special LSE bonding adhesives or high temperature masking.

With a short-term temperature resistance of up to 230°C, and a long term temperature resistance of 180°C, these products once again put 3M VHB Tapes at the forefront of bonding technology.

Acrylic Foam

The series uses a grey, conformable, double coated acrylic foam to provide excellent stress dissipation and gap filling. The conformability of the foam provides a better contact area when working with rigid or irregular materials, increasing the strength of the bond.

Initial Tack

The GPH 3MVHB tapes have high initial tack, providing a quick stick for high initial handling strength and the GPH series have a higher initial tack than traditional 3MVHB tapes, making assembly quick and easy.

Material Bonding

Using GPH 3MVHB tapes can offer significant advantages to design and manufacture as well as reducing the size and weight of many products that use permanent fasteners.  GPH 3MVHB tapes can bond a variety of materials, including metal to plastic, metal to metal, glass to metal; this one tape works for many applications.

Typical bonding applications include manufacture of white goods.  Traditionally, panels are mounted onto metal framework using a combination of adhesives for bond strength and mechanical fixings for panel positioning and then finished through a powder coat process.  Both of fixation methods could be replaced with the new GPH VHB series.

GPH 3MVHB Product Range

There are currently three GPH 3MVHB tapes available; 3M GPH-060GF3M GPH-110GF and 3M GPH-160GF. All have the same temperature resistance and levels of adhesion but vary from 0.6mm to 1.6mm. All three GPH 3MVHB tapes are available from Tecman. Tecman’s application engineers have been working to gain a clear understanding of the product and its performance parameters and can confidently include these in their extensive library of products available to meet virtually every bonding application.

We provide a large range of advanced bonding and sealing solutions and have a comprehensive knowledge of different industry requirements, allowing us to support the specific needs of our customers.

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