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Automotive Acoustic Solutions

Tecman develop bespoke solutions to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in vehicles. Working with high performance acoustic insulation materials, designed for applications requiring superior levels of NVH reduction.

Superior Solutions for Reduced NVH in Vehicles


Non Woven NVH Acoustic InsulationTecman provide a series of bespoke solutions for the reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) within vehicles, using leading automotive acoustic insulation materials.

We work with a concise range of high performance materials sourced from leading manufacturers, designed for applications requiring superior levels of NVH reduction. Our products, which include high loft, mouldable felt, lightweight Neptune, multi-layer fine fibre and natural fibre, cover a wide range of applications.

By combining high performance acoustic insulation materials with extensive conversion capabilities, and through working in close collaboration with OEM’s and their suppliers, Tecman help to develop quieter vehicles, whilst reducing weight and environmental impact.



Acoustic Insulation Product Categories

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High Loft

High loft insulation material with high performance acoustic absorbing properties.


Mouldable Felt

Highly flexible and conformable, moulded felt ideal for complex geometries.


Lightweight Neptune

A new lightweight, conformable, high performance acoustic absorbing material made from hollow, grooved ultra-microfibre polyester and polypropylene.


Multi-layer Fine Fibre

An acoustic absorbing material with fine fibre and high performance laminates which does not require edge sealing or shed fibres.


Natural Fibre

High performance acoustic absorbing material developed using natural fibres with lower environmental impact.




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